About Us

The best way to get SMS text messages all in one spot.

Are you in need of a legitimate U.S. based cell phone number that can receive text messages? Look no further.

Our company was born after we saw the need for the SMS text message receive market. Every day more and more websites are requiring their users to SMS verify and now we offer a solution which allows you to digitally receive multiple messages in one simple location.

We were essentially tasked with figuring out a method which could allow our users to order multiple numbers and then be able to receive several text messages all in one simple interface.

We've done just that.

We've built an amazing toolset system that enables our users to accomplish the task of SMS verification quickly and effectively.

This was accomplished because our founders have experience with technology at all levels, as well as business operations and ownership. You're in good hands with us. We have a phenomenal dev team.

We've priced our numbers so that you and your business can afford our service, and we're proud of that.

We're different from the rest because we don't restrict you to any particular platform or service. SMS messages can be received from any source!

Additionally, you get a dedicated number that is only assigned to you.

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